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09min 55sec

A lust-fuelled fucking spree in public! With a babe who you see for the first and last time in your life. This can happen only on Czech streets. You didn’t dare to hope reality could be this good! Pack your stuff and come here. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll bump into Lucka, 19. This gorgeous chick has adopted an original approach to her sociological probe. She is looking for a birthday present. A chubby prick. She wants to unwrap it right now. Passers-by can’t believe their own eyes. She hunted down a guy in no time and started fucking him right by a busy street in the city centre! The street was flooded with tourists and non-suspecting righteous citizens. Come to Prague! This is the Promised Land! You need to see it!
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13min 48sec

Imagine you’re walking down the street and a pretty chick approaches you and asks you to fuck her. Here and now? What will you do? There’s nothing to speculate about. 99.99% of guys say: “Yes, we can!” Blond Jana is looking for volunteers for her school project. Casual sex. Right on the street. Fuck me and forget about it. Get it? No personal details. No phone numbers. And especially no emotions. This lovely school girl straddled the prey in no time. Under a tree on a heap of rotten apples. She fucked him and dumped him! We have everything filmed with our hidden cam! Such a blast! This is the ultimate genuine reality.
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11min 08sec

A young chick is in acute need of help! Sexual resuscitation! An 18-year-old stunner hopes some passer-by would have a soft heart and a hard cock. Her sociological probe concerns willingness to give first help. She is horny and needs it right now! A nymphomaniac on hunt. This is a secret dream of all guys. Fuck me and fuck off. There’s nothing to talk about. The perfect deal. She hunted down one guy to quench her desire. He lied flat on his back with cum smeared all around the place before he could get his head around what was going on. No wasting time. A quick romping session in public! An incredible probe into the realities of Prague streets. Check it out!
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13min 32sec

The world has flipped upside down! Czech streets are under attack of babes offering sex to the passers-by. No introducing. Right into the pants. In public!!! Monika, a pretty black-haired cock-teaser, is one of them. She focused her survey on fidelity of Czech guys. Right in the city centre at the high noon. She grabbed one guy by his cock and dragged him to the bush. She squeezed him out like a toothpaste tube. Screw all small talk. Lust takes over here! Fuckincredible footage taken in Czech streets with a hidden camera! This is the ultimate authenticity! You have to see it!
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15min 04sec

Here we are coming! The ultimate sociological survey among Czech dudes. Will you bang me? Tereza is our pioneer research worker. A hot succubus. Who would ditch the possibility of fucking her? To our surprise, she met some strong-willed guys. One of them could not resist the calling of her horny pussy. Tereza lurked him to an adjacent park and quenched her desires. An adrenaline-fuelled quickie in public. Right amongst respectable citizens!!! The guy had no idea everything was filmed from behind the bush. Incredible! Fucking crazy! The ultimate reality of Czech streets!
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