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The ultimate experience! Reality of Czech streets in its purest form! Forget everything you’ve ever experienced. This is a masterpiece! The wildest sociological experiment of all times. Steaming hot Czech chicks approach guys on the street offering them a quickie! Fast! Flat out! Fucking an anonymous chick right on the spot! Everything is filmed with a hidden cam. All blokes are flabbergasted! Screwed by a nameless stunner! This is outrageous public nuisance! No questions. No feelings. Sex in its most authentic form! Wicked!


14min 57sec

Another horny prey was trapped! Our incredible sociological experiment is 100% successful! It can happen to any guy. Pavlina is a tempting bait. A chick who comes across as a well-bred student. A nymphomaniac who suffers severe wet knickers syndrome. Is there anyone to help her out? This chick would talk even pope into fucking! The guy was trying hard to resist but his bulking pants betrayed him badly! She dragged him into shrubbery and screwed him with no mercy. He rewarded her with his hot sticky jizz. It was streaming down her firm and red-hot body. And she didn’t give a fuck! Such a shameless slutty teaser! Casual sex in public. She simply took what she wanted! Reality is much better than fantasy could ever be!
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13min 26sec

Terra went nuts! It’s bloody cold outdoors and she is hunting down men to participate in her sociological experiment. She is badly horny and with a diagnosis for nymphomania sticking out of her pocket. Just a quickie in the shrubbery. One dude took mercy on her. His cock was rubbery because of the temperature deep below zero. The horny slut sucked it off anyway, swallowed everything like milkshake and set off to the streets again. She hit upon a pensioner soon who couldn’t believe what happened. The lust-blinded nymphomaniac showed him a full-fledged fucking spree. Incredible sex in public! Have you ever seen anything this real? Never seen before!
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13min 38sec

Experimental scientific sex in public. A chick is picking up guys on the street. Genuine and casual romping. Right now! For free! Still not believe it? Check it out for yourself! Petra, a stunning hot black-haired chick, is so randy she would fuck even two gays! She would fuck simply anyone! She jumped on a guy in a park! Everything is filmed with a hidden cam! Those guys have no idea they are being watched! This is hard-core! The ultimate reality on your own eyes! This experiment is a blast!
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13min 10sec

This sociological survey will give you a knockout! An experiment upside down! Eva set out to the streets to hunt guys. Casual sex in public. You can’t refuse this offer! Her plans were shattered in a couple of minutes. Finding a guy who has the balls to fuck her on the street? Impossible this time. This sharp-witted chick didn’t lose a second and started to aim at chicks! Carpet munching for free! Right now! Any takers? She picked up a chick with no lesbo experience. An incredible lesbian show took place right under a footbridge! The hotties went down on each other. A scene so amazing no police officer could have any objections. A pussy-slurping experiment! Breath-taking, genuine reality!
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14min 35sec

Hi! Do you happen to feel like fucking with me? Nicola posed this question to various guys on a tram stop. Casual sex with a stranger. In public. For free!!! This is an irresistible offer. There is no way anybody could refuse. How about you? Nikola chose the most lean meat guys. We lost track of how many married or single men she fucked that day. Everything is filmed with a hidden camera. Like the guy who was banging her less than 20 m away from the tram stop. Quite romantic, you’d say, if it weren’t for random passers-by walking their dogs. Check it out! This sociological experiment is incredible! I fuckin’ love casual sex! In public, of course!
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14min 08sec

Obtaining data for this survey was a piece of cake. Who would refuse to cooperate with Marketa, a red-head succubus and a certified nymphomaniac? She approached guys revealing them her acute need to fuck. She is hooked on sex and needs her fix right now. And still, there were some dumbasses who refused her. Understanding why is beyond my comprehension. Giving a help to a human being in need is a citizen duty! One guy had the balls to screw her in the shrubbery. Marketa washed his jizz off in a brook and was gone. This will give you blue balls! Anonymous sex with a girl from the street. Disposable guys for one ginger-head. With a live camera!
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16min 57sec

This is not funny anymore, guys! The results of our public opinion survey are outrageous. They clearly demonstrate that nearly all guys would say “yes” to an anonymous girl on the street. A quickie in the shrubs? Yeah! Let’s go, darling. Petra was very cunning in her plans. She whetted guys’ appetite for sex by telling them how horny she was. Who would refuse to help her out? Being a little blond hot pie, it was next to impossible to resist. The guy who gave her a hand was suspecting there was a hidden cam. Despite his lurking suspicion, he didn’t notice it. And Petra fucked him on a rubbish dump. This was really bad-ass of her! This is stark reality! You’ll fall for her, too!
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